, 28 Greek islands you should visit at least once | Vogue Australia

28 Greek islands you should visit at least once | Vogue Australia

If this list doesn’t inspire your next beach holiday, we don’t know what will. Go forth and go island hopping”

Ah, the Greek islands. Is there any place in the world that seems as blessed by the gods? Home to some 6,000 islands, with only 227 actually inhabited, its crystalline blue waters, bleached white sand and scorching hot summers have made it a beacon for wanderers since the dawn of travel. And it’s not hard to see why – spread across the stunning waters of the Aegean and Ionian Seas, this archipelago of islands is home to some of the most picturesque beaches and coastlines you’ll see in Europe.

Header Image: Paliochori Beach, Milos. Image credit: Instagram.com/finduslost.

It stands to reason that every European summer you can near guarantee your Instagram feed will fill up with the highlight reel of some of the Greek isles most popular spots, think: SantoriniMykonos and Corfu. And while we’ve got nothing against those islands per se (they’re home to some of the best beach clubs and restaurants), if you’re willing to go further afield your efforts will be swiftly rewarded with less crowds, quieter beaches and – of course – the most stunning natural beauty.

While each island is unique in its own way – some offer world-famous beaches that give the Amalfi a run for its money, like Lefkada’s Porto Katsiki Beach, others have more dubious claims to fame, such as Skopelos, which is one of the islands where Mamma Miawas filmed. So whether you’re looking to party (hello, Mykonos), go hiking (Crete’s your friend) or exploring an ancient town (try Tinos), then look no further than one of these stunning islands.

From the obvious to the lesser known, we’ve picked 28 of our favourites below.

Amorgos – Aigiali #Cyclades


Skopelos #Sporades