Athens an open air museum

Athens, an Open air Museum

Google’s Ode to the Capital of Greece

Athens is an open air museum of endless collections according to a spectacular video released by Google.

The video highlights the Greek capital’s unique treasures to visitors and locals alike. “During your visit, you will see ancient temples, temples of the day and temples of the night,” the video says and is accompanied by footage of everyday life in Athens.

It is a living, breathing city, home to many of the world’s finest museums alongside the best of what contemporary culture has to offer.

According to the video, Athens is “an open air museum of art, poetry and artisans. With so much to see and taste, Athens is a museum full of life and song. A museum that never shuts, a city that never sleeps.”

Athens an open air museum video

Curated audio walks launched for Athens, an open museum

The video was produced by Google in association with the City of Athens. It was released to highlight the new curated audio walks.

The audio walks offer an immersive way of seeing the city, experiencing Athens as an open air museum. It is using Google Maps with sound to create a whole new experience. Athenians share their favorite places and stories that comprise this exciting and modern city.

Audio walk 1 with a total distance of 2.4 kilometers on the changing cultural landscape of Athens—from underground skate shops to street art culture and the ever-evolving Omonia Square was just launched.

Athens has seen a dramatic transformation toward modernity over the last several years. It has now turned into one of the trendiest European cities. Athens is offering endless cultural events, exhibitions, and concerts every single day and night. There are street artist performances throughout the city, and some have even left a personal touch of color on different walls around town.

However, Athens is, or at least should be, best known for its impressive temples and other archaeological sites that dot the city.

So if you start your boating holiday in Athens when exploring the Argo-Saronicos or the Cyclades island don’t forget to plan some days in Athens. And as we are living and working in this beautiful city, we can point out the best, trendiest (or not), hidden secrets of this place.