Micro Cyclades sailing, Micro Cyclades Sailing with a skipper

Micro Cyclades Sailing with a skipper

Micro Cyclades Sailing; a 7 days Mykonos-Mycro Cyclades- sailing itinerary.

A relaxing itinerary for a week sailing in the Micro Cyclades, yet we do recommend that itineraries be kept flexible. Every itinerary is subject to various factors such as weather conditions or a change of heart. As always every pre-planned itinerary, with the exception of the Port of Departure and redelivery, may be altered in consultation with the Skipper. To enjoy the micro Cycladic islands you need to start in Mykonos or paros. Seven days will be enough to explore most of the Micro Cyclades, but as always choices have to be made.

Sailing down from Mykonos

DAY1 (Saturday): We will start our sailing tour in Mykonos where you will be welcomed on board on Saturday afternoon with a welcome cocktail. Provisions have been organized based on your wishes and after finishing the paperwork we set sail for a nice bay on the south side of Mykonos were we will spend the night on anchor.

DAY2: After breakfast, we set sail to Donousa were we will spend some time in a bay on anchor for a relaxing swim and late lunch. After lunch, we move to the main port where we will arrive late afternoon.

DAY3: We set sail to Amorgos, this island is famed for its clear waters, iconic monastery and authentic Cycladic character. We sail direct to the port of Katapola from where we take the bus to the other side of the island so that Micro Cyclades sailing, Micro Cyclades Sailing with a skipper we can hike up to the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa.

This monastery is situated on the cliff side, northeast of Chora and was built early in the second millennium in order to protect a religious icon, dating from the year 812, from intruders. The icon is on public display inside the monastery.

In the evening its worth to visit the chora and if we are lucky we can drink some Racomelo while listening to live music!

Exploring the Micro Cyclades, the small islands between Naxos and Amorgos.

DAY4: We sail to Koufonisia. We have many diverent anchorages we can explore before droping anchor in the marina. Beautiful beaches and christal clear water all around these islands. Ano Koufonisia is a very touristic place, but definatly worth a visit.

Anchored in the Micro Cyclades at Anti Keros while sailing with a skipper

DAY5: Leaving early there are more anchorages to explore and most of the day we will spend on anchor enjoying. Late afternoon we sail to Schinousa were we will dock for the night. This tiny island has a wonderfull cosmopolitan feel ones you walk up to the Chora. There are nice little shops to explore and for food and cocktails wonderfull restaurants and bars to try.

Sailing back to Mykonos

DAY6: From Schinousa we have to set sail to Naxos and leave the Micro Cyclades. Naxos is the biggest island of the Cyclades and its fertile landscape spans mountain villages, ancient ruins and long stretches of beach. The namesake capital (also called Hora or Chora) is a port town filled with whitewashed, cube-shaped houses and medieval Venetian mansions.

Naxos island. A view from the Apollo Temple to Naxos town. Experiences while sailing the Micro Cyclades with a skipper

DAY7: Leaving early we will head for Delos. The island of Delos used to be the place of worship in the Cyclades and is now one of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites in Greece, but it can only be reached by boat. After you explore Delos we will back to Mykonos. We will spend the night in the Marina and can explore the bussing nightlife that this island has to offer.

DAY 8: (Saturday): Check-out at 9:00 o’clock.

Cyclades Sailing. The deep blue sea, have you ever jumped in water that are a couple of hundred meter deep!

Enjoying a dip in the middle of the Aegean… only a couple of hundred meters deep 😉

Last words

The itinerary is totally flexible and sailing clock-wise (like described) or anti-clock-wise is possible. We can sail this trip in any sailing yacht or catamaran of your choice. The size is depending on your party size and budget. You will sail with a skipper/tour leader and a hostess/ cook is optional. If you sail with a hostess/cook you won’t have to worry about cleaning and organizing the boat. The cook will also take care of the shopping based on your wishes, of course!

Contact us for more details, prices and any other questions you might have for your “Micro Cyclades Sailing” trip! I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Micro Cyclades sailing, Micro Cyclades Sailing with a skipperWalter Kruk