Moored in Poros in front of the town.

Sailing the Argo-Saronicos in July 2017 | Melissa

My two daughters and I sailed with Walter and Aleka in the Argo-Saronic in July and couldn’t possibly have had a better experience. From the planning stages, it was a pleasure. He was helpful finding a sailboat that fit our needs and budget. We were very inexperienced in sailing, so his input led to the right boat and the right destinations. We sailed the Saronic Islands and enjoyed Hydra, Poros, and Aegina with an overnight in a bay.

Walter’s knowledge of the ports, winds, and waterways made every aspect of our daily plans go off without a hitch. Having Aleka along as first mate and chef was absolutely the best decision of the trip! She planned meals that fit our mixed bag of diets and were delicious. She’s very sweet and was just a perfect addition. I would highly recommend to anyone considering this type of vacation to do it with Walter and Aleka. It was fun, relaxing, an overall beautiful trip.