Catamaran charter yacht on anchor. Lounging on deck.

Selecting your ideal Charter Yacht

Deciding on the right charter yacht and crew for your next yacht charter might be the most important part of your holiday preparations. It’s all about size, style, and sailing characteristics within your budget. To figure out which type of charter yacht is best for your particular needs, contact the Greek Island Yacht Holiday yacht charter experts. Selecting a yacht can be overwhelming so we put together some information to help you prepare the perfect itinerary for your yachting holiday.


First and foremost, you need to set a realistic budget for your charter. This should take into account any additional costs. Fuel, provisions and berthing costs will add up to 30% on the charter price. There is also is the price of your flights or travel to wherever your yacht is based, as well as a tip for the crew’s service. When your overall budget is set, it will help us filter available yachts that best match your criteria and, in turn, make your choice easier.

It’s worth mentioning here that the cheapest yacht may not be sufficient for your needs or that the most expensive option is superior. For example, a larger, older boat may be the same price as a newer, smaller boat because of their respective ages, condition and on-board facilities. You do not necessarily have to blow your budget to find everything that you may need.

What kind of charter yacht sailor are you?

The rivalry between sailors and motor yacht enthusiasts is legendary, but the beauty of chartering is that you can experience both (not at the same time or you need a big budget and rent multiple yachts)! Variety is the spice of yachting, so it’s better to ‘play both sides’ to your heart’s content.

The first choice to make is what type of yacht will suit you and your family, friends, or corporate party. There are motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamaran sailing yachts, and motor sailors.

Sailing Yachts

Hanse 575 charter yacht under sail with a minimal crew.
Hanse 575 under sail.

A Sailing Yacht, or mono-hull sailing yacht, is all about passion and adrenaline that you get when moving by the wind. When the sails are up and the engines are stopped you feel close to nature. Sailing yachts have come a long way when it comes to luxury and can offer similar facilities as motor yachts.

Sailing yachts available for charter differ in terms of size, rigging, power, and performance with each combination of factors making for a different sailing experience.

Sailing yachts facilitate a unique kind of charter. If not chartered for their authentic sailing experience and grace, they can also be chartered to enter into one of many regattas hosted around the world, allowing guests to enjoy racing and the many social activities that come with the lifestyle.

Catamaran Sailing Yachts

A Catamaran charter yacht has lots of deck- and interior space.
Lots of space on a Lagoon 560

A catamaran sailing yacht has more deck space than a similar-sized mono-hull and this added stability makes lounging on the deck more relaxing while moving on the water. The stability might reduce the adrenaline feeling a bit as there is not the typical heeling when under sail-like on a mono-hull yacht, but you still feel very close to nature when moving under sail.

Catamarans are ideal for entering shallow waters, which is particularly helpful in the small ports and bays in Greece and the Mediterranean. Besides offering a stable ride, the catamaran also has low motion at anchor (without the need for stabilizers) and, due to its light structure, can move at higher speeds than mono-hulls. They tend to be more difficult to tack, however, which results in a less sporty feel under sail and, because of their bigger width, finding a place in a marina or port is also a bit harder than with a mono-hull.

Motor Yachts

A motor charter yacht moving at high speed in Greek waters.
Motor Yacht underway, Aicon 64

Speed is what you get when you are exploring the Greek islands with a Motor Yacht. Because of their greater speed, motor yachts can arrive at their next destination much faster than any sailing yacht. This speed comes with a bigger fuel consumption though.

Motor yachts can be built with one, monohulled, or two hulls, catamaran, the latter being more fuel economic. When searching for a motor yacht for a charter holiday you also should look for a stabilizer. A stabilized superyacht or boat significantly enhances comfort and rest for the guests, which means individuals are a lot more rested making for a more enjoyable experience.

A Motor Yacht is built for high-speed capabilities and performance, and are perfect for those looking to explore more of the cruising area in a shorter amount of time. The majority of these yachts are ultra-modern, sleek and stylish.

Also, due to their size and design, motor yachts tend to have more toys on board than sailing yachts and catamarans.

Motor Sailors

A motor sailing charter yacht anchored in front of the rock. Beautiful clear swim water in Greece.
Motor Sailor Astarte anchored at one of the Greek islands.

The elegance of a sailing yacht and the space, comfort, and amenities of a motor yacht is can be found on a Motor Sailors. On motor sailors, you have the thrill of sailing when there is a favorable wind while still having the peace of mind that enough power is available should conditions demand it. These vessels also boast increased interior areas, more cabins, and roll reduction.

What size charter yacht do you need?

It’s clear that you require more space with a larger yachting party, however, most yachts have three to five cabins despite an increase in yacht length. It’s not only your budget that will influence the size of the yacht to charter, but it also matters when it comes to the number of guests and accommodations.

For example, a certain yacht can be ideal for a family vacation, but it might not suit an all adult group of guests. If you are planning a family vacation, you want to make sure it is “family-friendly,” and that the yacht has enough cabins to accommodate all comfortably. Similarly, if your guests are all adults and it’s going to be all parties and entertaining, then salons, lounges, bars, pools and hot-tubs, might be on your list of “must-haves”!

For parties with more than 10-12 guests, the choices of yachts get a bit thin, but there are possibilities, even for large groups of 50+ guests.

The importance of your crew


First-class service on your luxury yacht charter.
First-class service on your luxury yacht charter.

A luxury yacht charter is made special in many ways, from the finest bed linens to the first-class service, none of which would be possible without a professionally trained onboard crew. Crew members are there to ensure each and every detail of your luxury yacht charter is a dream come true.

When planning a yacht charter, it is important to ensure the personalities of the crew suit the characteristics of your charter party as more often than not, it is the crew that makes the charter. You should understand that you can’t choose the crew for a specific yacht, but you can choose a specific yacht because of her crew. Depending on the size of the yacht, the crew could consist of a Captain, Chef, Stewardess, Interior and Deck Crew, and Engineers.

Luxury, Performance, and Toys

Water toys in all sorts and sizes available on your charter yacht. From SUP's to Jetski's.
Depending on your wishes we can organize multiple toys for your charter.

Balancing luxury and performance

Another aspect to consider in selecting your perfect yacht is your wish list of holiday activities. For similar budgets, you can charter a yacht with excellent sailing characteristics and speed or a heavier luxury yacht with more onboard facilities. Remember – the faster your vessel, the more destinations you can pack into your itinerary.

Asking yourself some of the following questions will help guide yacht selections:  How much time will you be spending on board, and what kind of entertainment do you desire? Or are you more interested in enough deck space for sunbathing, dining and cocktails? Do you plan on fishing or scuba diving? Kids and adults alike both enjoy water toys such as sea bobs, jet skis and water slides – what do you like?

Last words on your charter yacht

Choose your charter yacht based on your personal preferences and your lifestyle requirements. Don’t worry, we are here to help guide you in your yacht selection. And, even though a charter yacht cannot always offer every amenity that you may wish for (regardless of its size), we will make every effort to make your dreams come true!

Walter Kruk, CEO - Skipper, Host Greek Island Yacht Holiday.

By Walter Kruk