Can I change the itinerary as we go?


Part of the beauty of a private yacht charter is that you get to alter your itinerary to match your desires and prevailing weather, so assuming sufficient time and suitable weather you simply do as you please! As your personal broker I can provide you with plenty of ideas in the form of sample itineraries before you book, once you booked the Skipper will discuss with you his ideas based on his local knowledge. Ones you are on route discussion is open depending on weather conditions at the time and the alternatives we have, always considering your safety and comfort.

Category: During your Yacht Holiday

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  • A fantastic week sailing! | Erik
    We are a family of 8 and wanted to sail for a week on the Greek islands. As we are not advanced sailors, we chose to hire a skipper. We had the luck to get Walter as a skipper in the Piraeus Marina, where we started for our week in the Saronic Sea. Arriving on Saturday, we started our sail ...
  • Sailing the Argo-Saronicos in July 2017 | Melissa
    My two daughters and I sailed with Walter and Aleka in the Argo-Saronic in July and couldn’t possibly have had a better experience. From the planning stages, it was a pleasure. He was helpful finding a sailboat that fit our needs and budget. We were very inexperienced in sailing, so his input led to the right boat and the right ...
  • Thanks to Ocean Nomads! Highly recommended!
    I had one week on board of “Argo”. Yacht is good, clean, and it is very easy to sail. Walter is an owner, and he assist with all issues. Great man and experienced skipper. Highly recommended! Stas Blokhin