, Vanquish 40, it flies at 100km/h like on a spider |

Vanquish 40, it flies at 100km/h like on a spider |

Inboard or outboard, you go faster and faster. The new Vanquish 40, 12.15 meters long and almost four wide, could not be outdone.

If you love streamlined lines, adrenaline, and power, here’s a boat for you, a real Med Boat!

Outboard vs. Inboard. Who wins?

The standard inboard propulsion system consists of two 320 hp Volvo D4 diesel engines with DPI engines and a maximum speed of 40 knots. This is the “basic” configuration. For those who want to run more, there is also the option of a dual 440 hp Volvo D6 engine inboard to increase the top speed to 46 knots.

Then we move on to the outboard. The basic version with the Mercury Verado ranges from a double 225 hp engine for 35 knots to triple 350 hp for 51 knots. Then you switch to the model Fast. Fasten your seatbelt with a 400 hp triple engine. The throttle at the end of the race will let you fly over 54 knots. Not bad if the displacement is almost 7 tons.

, Vanquish 40, it flies at 100km/h like on a spider |Vanquish 40 Outboard

The hull of the boat

The stepped hull was designed by the naval architects of Bakewell-White Yacht Design, specializes in high-performance hulls from New Zealand. Their work on the VQ40 has made this boat responsive in acceleration and driving performance and maneuverability on the wave. The rest of the exterior design, like a real racing boat, comes from the drawings of Guido de Groot. Our latest collaboration with this important Dutch designer has ensured that the boat is clearly recognized as a true Vanquish even from afar. The maximum draught is one meter, while up to 600 liters of fuel can be taken on board.

, Vanquish 40, it flies at 100km/h like on a spider |Vanquish 40 Outboard

The arrangement of the VQ40 revolves around the search for large spaces, with seats and beds for 14 people. Also available for safe and comfortable walks. The boat is also equipped with a transparent T-Top that allows air to enter, but not heat. There are lounge areas in the bow and stern, equipped with extremely comfortable and high-quality cushions. Behind the driver’s and co-pilot’s seats there is an outdoor-palley area, complete with electric grill, Corian worktop, sinks, hot and cold water, wine cooler/refrigerator and various storage lockers. Below deck, there is a double bed, shower, and toilet.

Boat technical sheet: Vanquish 40

  • Length:12.15 m / 40.5 ft
  • Beam:3.82 m / 11.6 ft
  • Draught max:1.03 m / 3.5 ft
  • Water tank:120 L / 26.25 gal
  • Fuel tank:600 L / 131 gal
  • Displacement:6.7 tonnes
  • CE Category:B
  • Outboard engines:Standard 2x 225HP Mercury Verado
  • Inboard engines:Standard twin 320HP Volvo D4 diesels with DPI drives
  • Max speed outboards:40+ knots
  • Max speed inboards:35 knots
  • Max speed Fast version:54+ knots

Source: Vanquish 40, it flies at 100km/h like on a spider